The Roseman University College of Medicine aims to align students, educators, and the community in designing and delivering an inclusive and collaborative environment for innovative learning, healthcare and research.

Consequently, it has made a commitment to addressing the urgent healthcare needs of Southern Nevada by increasing the number of high-quality physicians in the community. Roseman College of Medicine will train physicians who are socially accountable. We believe this can be achieved while simultaneously providing services to medically underserved communities that will positively move the dial on health disparities. Roseman graduates will have high-level clinical skills matched with a robust understanding of how ethical considerations, diversity and inclusion, as well as how social, economic and environmental factors impact health outcomes.

A signature element in our training approach will be students’ participation in Genesis. Through Genesis we will operate six interprofessional health practices, including medical, nursing, pharmacy and dental students, that will offer low-income, medically underserved residents the opportunity to collaborate in educating our students while receiving home-based health and social services. As a result, Roseman graduates will be ready to excel as providers in tomorrow’s healthcare systems.